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Laser treatments for cherry angiomas

Laser treatments for cherry angiomas

Laser treatments for cherry angiomas

This is a 50-year-old female patient of Emily Staggs DCNP, NC-P from Harrison, Arkansas who came in for a cherry angioma on her eyelid. The patient actually had 2 cherry angiomas on this eyelid but opted to not treat the one closer to her eyelashes. It didn't bother her as much as the other cherry angioma as it wasn’t as visible in her opinion.

Cherry angiomas are simply an overgrowth of blood vessels. Although they can sometimes look like moles, they do not have the potential to transform into skin cancer or any other medical condition. Cherry angiomas are noncancerous red bumps that form due to the clustering of blood vessels on the skin. They mostly occur in older people (30+ years of age). These benign tumors are associated with aging and usually increase in number as you get older.

To eliminate this patient’s cherry angioma, Emily Staggs DCNP, NP-C recommended our Cutera ND YAG Laser as the optimal treatment..

Treatment specifics:

Pulse Duration: 10 ms

Spot size: 3mm

Passes: 1

Pulse Count: 2

Cooling: Copper cooling laser tip

Immediately following the procedure, Vaseline and ice were applied.

At this patient’s follow-up visit 6 weeks later, the cherry angioma treated was significantly eliminated and no longer visible to the patient. Emily’s patient was very pleased.

Laser treatments work by using light-based energy (the laser) to deliver energy to a specific chromosphere (sphere of color). The chromophores used in dermatology are usually melanin (pigment in skin and hair), hemoglobin (in blood and blood vessels), or water (in the skin). By specifically delivering energy to these targets, we are able to eliminate them safely and not damage the surrounding skin and tissue.

These types of laser treatments restore tone and glow to your face through the formation of a completely new skin layer and by boosting collagen and elastin production through controlled damage to the dermis layer in the skin.

The ND YAG laser delivers rapid pulses that can effectively shatter ink in skin from tattoos, melanin in some types of skin pigmentation, or hemoglobin in red blood vessels. The laser targets ink from tattoos, hemoglobin, or melanin without harming surrounding skin and tissue, reducing any potential discomfort, side effects, and downtime. In this case, the laser targets the red blood vessels in the cherry angioma, effectively destroying the angioma.

We offer the most advanced laser and pulsed light technology available today, combined with the highest training possible. From resurfacing to hyper-pigmentation and scar reduction, hair removal, and tattoo removal to increasing your body’s production of collagen, a complete plan can be created for you to reverse the signs of aging and UV / environmental damage.

  • Age: Between 46 and 55 years old
  • Gender: Female
  • Post-op Timeline: 6 weeks
  • Technique: ND YAG Laser
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