Cellulite Treatment That Lasts: Cellfina

The cellulite treatment Cellfina is now exclusively offered in NWA from Dr. Lance Henry. This innovative treatment helps smooth cellulite in the thigh and buttocks area. Cellfina is a one time, minimally invasive procedure that is performed in the office by Dr. Henry. FDA-Cleared, this treatment produces results that can last up to three years (the longest patients have been studied). After years of the aesthetic industry trying to fight cellulite with lasers and creams, we now have a solution that will give you the results you desire*.



This treatment can help decrease the visibility of cellulite by releasing the structural cause of cellulite, the connective bands that cause the dimpling effect on the skin. You may see results quickly, often in as little as just three days. Cellfina can help give you the confidence to get back in a swimsuit, or just be happier with what you see in the mirror every day*.

This procedure is minimally invasive, performed in our office without the need for general anesthesia or an operating room. No serious side effects have been reported with this treatment – the most common were soreness, tenderness and bruising, all of which can improve quickly after the procedure. Most treatments can be completed in just 45 minutes, then you can be well on your way to feeling more confident*Cellfina 2

We offer complimentary consultations for Cellfina, where we will create a customized treatment plan and discuss your desired results. Please give us a call to schedule your consultation.

*Results may vary from person to person. Some experience more dramatic and faster results than others.

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