Choosing a Mohs Surgeon


Education and experience matter when choosing a Mohs surgeon. Mohs fellowship-trained surgeons are specially trained in surgery, pathology, and reconstruction. At Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, we have two of only three fellowship-trained Mohs Micrographic Surgeons in Northwest Arkansas. Dr. Henry and Dr. Blackmon both completed a highly selective and rigorous 1-year fellowship in Micrographic Surgery and Dermatological Oncology and are active members in the American College of Mohs Surgery. They were both trained by some of the best Mohs surgeons in the country, and have acquired the skills and experience necessary to treat complex skin cancers and perform reconstruction, often the same day under local anesthesia. Drs. Henry and Blackman have treated over 20,000 cancer patients with the Mohs technique, making them the most experienced skin cancer surgeons in the region.  Being fellowship-trained in Mohs surgery is an important benefit to our patients, as not all dermatologists performing Mohs surgery have had this extensive level of education and the amount of experience our surgeons have. We encourage you to visit, to find out more information on why it’s important to know the training of your surgeon. We hope this information will help you make an informed decision regarding where to seek the most appropriate care for your condition.

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