Maggie Gray Nurse Cosmetic Injector

Maggie Gray, Nurse Cosmetic Injector

Maggie Gray, RN is a registered nurse cosmetic injector with over 10 years of experience, predominantly in dermatology, outpatient surgery, and aesthetics.  Early in her career, she felt a calling to dermatology and being a cosmetic injector. Maggie Gray, RN loved how she could make a change for a patient, without a scalpel, that could improve their confidence and sense of well-being.

Her approach is very safe and natural to all of her treatments.  She loves connecting with her patients and helping them achieve their skin goals. During a consultation, her primary goal is to listen to what a patient wants and what their goal is. Then she customizes the right treatment for them to achieve that goal – be it a smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, fuller lips, or a more youthful plumpness to cheeks.

Most patients want a gradual change and improvement. Maggie Gray  accomplishes this through multiple appointments to gradually reach the patient’s goal. Sometimes, they want a drastic change. No problem. Each and every patient of Maggie receives a carefully customized treatment plan for their own skin goals. Her patients love her for it!

Maggie believes every person has a unique beauty and does not use a “cookie cutter” style.  “ My goal is to compassionately deliver safe, beautiful results, and have a little fun doing it!”. We are so excited she has joined our team and bringing a spa-like experience for all of her patients.