Light & Laser Treatments

Changes to the skin on your face, neck, chest, and back of your hands, which are associated with aging and sun exposure (photo-aging), such as fine lines, wrinkles, rough blotchy patches, and deep expression lines are all conditions suitable for pulsed light and laser treatments.

Laser Treatments Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center

These changes to your skin are not only accelerated by sun exposure, but also by smoking, alcohol, and atmospheric pollution. Other conditions that can be treated include acne scars, chicken pox scars, irregular surgical scars, and skin discoloration. There are also laser treatments for removal of unwanted hair or tattoos and vaginal rejuvenation.

Laser treatments Advanced Dermatology

We offer the most advanced laser and pulsed light technology available today, combined with the highest training possible. From resurfacing to hyperpigmentation and scar reduction to increasing your body’s production of collagen, a complete plan can be created for you to reverse the signs of aging and UV/ environmental damage.


Pearl Laser Treatment

These treatments restore tone and glow to your face through the formation of a completely new skin layer and by boosting collagen and elastin production through controlled damage to the dermis layer in the skin. An excellent laser treatment to look at is our Pearl Laser.

Laser Treatments Advanced Dermatology

Laser treatments work by using light-based energy (the laser) to deliver energy to a specific chromophore. The chromophores used in dermatology are usually melanin (pigment in skin and hair), hemoglobin (in blood and
blood vessels), or water (in the skin). By specifically delivering energy to these targets, we are able to eliminate them safely and not damage the surrounding skin and tissue.


Laser Treatments

Photo-aging is a combination of browns and reds and must be treated simultaneously to alleviate both. For global color correction, the treatment of choice has been intense pulsed light which can be achieved with our LimeLight™ treatment. Laser Genesis and Pico Genesis™ have both gained worldwide popularity for achieving brighter, more uniform skin without downtime due to their less invasive nature.

We recommend starting with a consultation, which you can book online, to discuss your skin concerns and goals with an expert. Then you can create a treatment plan that meets your goals and stays within your budget.

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