Why Choose a Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon for your Skin Cancer removal and reconstruction

Dr Lance Henry Fellowship-trained Mohs Surgeon Skin Cancer ExpertWhen it comes to any medical procedure, especially surgery, you want the highly-trained, very best. Chosen through an extremely competitive review and selection process, Fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons are required to complete an intensive 1 or 2-year post-residency ACMS fellowship training program. This extensive training includes participation in at least 650 Mohs surgery cases (an advanced method of skin cancer removal) under the supervision of an experienced ACMS-approved Mohs surgeon.

To start, Mohs surgery fellowship training programs must pass a rigorous application and review process before being allowed to train a fellow. Once the training program is approved, the program must continue to adhere to the standards set by the Mohs College. All ACMS-approved training programs are periodically re-evaluated on a 1 to 5-year basis to ensure that their academic and clinical requirements are being followed and fulfilled. We are proud to say that we have on our staff the most experienced Fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon in Northwest Arkansas, Dr. Lance Henry. There are only 1,500 Fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons worldwide with this elite type of training.

While any board-certified dermatologist may perform Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer, only members of the American College of Mohs Surgery (ACMS) have been accepted and undergone this rigorous Fellowship training. Most others have simply completed a separate course or seminar on Mohs Surgery.

At Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, PLLC, we strongly believe that when it comes to providing quality care to our patients, experience matters. Dr. Lance Henry is the leading expert in the treatment of skin cancer in Northwest Arkansas. He has treated over 16,000 skin cancers using the Mohs technique, making him the most experienced Mohs Surgeon (skin cancer surgeon) in the region.

About Mohs Micrographic Surgery: Effectiveness

Mohs surgery is the most effective treatment for most types of skin cancer when performed by a Fellowship-trained Mohs Surgeon.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is an effective and precise method for treating melanoma, basal cell, and squamous cell skin cancers. Because the Mohs Micrographic Surgery process features a systematic microscopic search that traces skin cancer down to its roots, it offers the highest chance for complete removal of the tumor while sparing the normal tissue surrounding it.

Clinical studies conducted at various national and international medical institutions demonstrate that Mohs surgery provides five-year cure rates that exceed 99% for new skin cancers and 95% for recurrent skin cancers.

Mohs surgery is performed by doctors who are specially trained to fulfill three roles:

  1. The surgeon who removes the cancerous skin tissue
  2. The pathologist who analyzes the lab specimens 
  3. The surgeon who closes or reconstructs the wound – generally the same day the skin cancer was removed. 

Advantages of Mohs Surgery when performed by a Fellowship-trained Mohs Surgeon

  • Efficient, cost-effective treatment
  • Single-visit outpatient surgery
  • Local anesthesia
  • Lab work done on-site
  • Precise results
  • Physician examines 100% of tumor (skin cancer) margins
  • Spares healthy tissue
  • Leaves the smallest scar possible

The Highest Cure Rate

Up to 99% for a skin cancer that has not been treated before

Up to 94% for a skin cancer that has recurred after previous treatment

This content shows before and after Mohs Surgery and may be sensitive for some viewers. Thank you.

Mohs Surgery Pre-op Post op

Mohs Surgery: The Most Effective Treatment for Skin Cancer

Cirugía de Mohs: el tratamiento más eficaz para el cáncer de piel


for a skin cancer that has not been treated before

Carcinoma & Keratoses Mohs

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