Safe & Streak-Free
Get the perfect tan in just 15 minutes! Sunless spray tans are the healthiest way to get that rich, glowing tan that we all desire. Revive Medical Spa, LLC’s spray tanning solutions are 100% natural and do not contain any chemicals or parabens. Revive Medical Spa, LLC is committed to giving you alternatives to achieve that beautiful tan without harming your body or breaking your bank account. Avoid the harmful effects of the tanning bed, wear sunscreen, and get your glow with a spray tan at Revive Medical Spa, LLC.

Before Your Appointment
To ensure that you obtain the maximum benefit from your spray tan, it is important that you shower, shave, and exfoliate your body before your appointment. Do not apply any lotions or make-up. We recommend wearing loose fitting clothing to your appointment- this is to ensure that the application your tan stays even as it is absorbed. A light bronzer is applied with the spray tanning solution to assist your technician in providing you with an even, glowing tan. Although the bronzer does not stain, we recommend wearing dark colored clothes to your appointment, as this bronzer is transferable. You will immediately notice a natural looking tan which will continue to develop over the next eight hours. We recommend you do not wet your skin, sweat, or do any strenuous activities for at least 10 hours after application. Some of the initial bronzer will wash off in the shower- do not be alarmed- this is part of the tanning process. Application of a moisturizer after that initial shower, and daily over the next week, will prolong the life of your spray tan. Spray tans do not offer any UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays so sunscreen will still need to be applied if you plan on spending time outdoors! We offer single spray tans as well as packages!

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