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Good skincare starts with an evaluation and a plan – an in-depth skincare consultation or cosmetic consultation. We recommend scheduling these periodically as your skin changes. As we age, our skin changes, and it is important to take notice of these changes, altering treatments and products as needed during a skincare consultation. Remember, you are never too old to look younger.

At Revive Medical Spa, LLC, we are honored to be your destination for healthy, beautiful skin. Our philosophy is Beauty for a Lifetime. From rejuvenating facials to resurfacing laser treatments to the latest in body contouring technology and skincare products, Revive Medical Spa, LLC will help you obtain the beautiful skin and body you have always desired. Our highly trained staff and the latest in technology allows us to offer personalized skin or body rejuvenation plans to achieve each and every clients’ beauty goals!

If you have questions about skincare or what treatments would be best for you, please contact one of our spas to schedule a skincare consultation, which is completely complimentary. If you need an consultation on Botox and injectables, this is a Cosmetic Consultation. There is a fee, but that can be applied to the injectables you choose during your consultation.

Our Aestheticians and Medical Providers love to sit down with clients and patients to review their goals and options. After all, their passion is skincare, and they love to share this passion with you by creating a treatment plan for you – based on your budget and skin goals. Click to schedule below or call us. We will be happy to schedule your complimentary consultation or cosmetic consultation!

Digital Complexion Analysis

Visia skin analysisAt Revive Medical Spa, LLC we provide our patients with a unique skin analysis consultation using VISIA® – an advanced digital complexion analysis system. This scientific approach uses a sophisticated imaging system, combined with a one-on-one consultation with one of our expert aestheticians. The results obtained from the VISIA® skin analysis system will help to provide the framework for creating a customized treatment program designed specifically for each client.

How Does it Work?
VISIA® is a comprehensive digital imaging system that helps to identify problem areas of your complexion, allowing for a customized skin treatment program that is unique to each client. VISIA® skin analysis provides multi-dimensional imaging of your skin to obtain information regarding spots, pores, wrinkles, evenness (textural variations), porphyrins (produced by bacteria in pores), UV spots and photo-damage. VISIA® provides a percentile score for each of these measures based on your age and skin type.

What to ExpectVisia consultation

  • VISIA® Skin analysis is performed through a personalized one-on-one skin consultation with one of Revive Medical Spa’s expert aestheticians.
  • The VISIA Skin Analysis System is a high-tech Photo Booth that provides an easy-to-understand, objective evaluation of your skin. The images and printed report are used as a guide and progress report to help you achieve healthier, younger-looking and more beautiful skin.
  • The VISIA Skin Analysis also gives you a percentile score and rank of your Estimated Skin Age based on the amount of sun damage and skin changes you have compared to other people the same age, gender and skin type. Your skin may look younger on the surface, but there could be significant sun damage lurking underneath from all those summers laying in the sun.
  • The results of the VISIA Skin Analysis help us select the best treatments, skin care regimen, and skin care products, customized and individualized to treat your skin based on the results of your report and specifically how you would like to improve your skin. Recommended treatments may range from Lasers, Chemical Peels, and Facials to Injectables, like Botox and Fillers. The results of these treatments can be maintained by excellent skin care and avoidance of prolonged exposure to the sun.

Face & Body Sculpting Digital Imaging

View Simulated Results for Face & Body Treatments with Vectra H2 Imaging

Revive Medical Spa, LLC is proud to also offer Vectra H2 3D imaging for face and body by Canfield Scientific. This sophisticated imaging system allows us to simulate realistic results for face and body procedures during your one-on-one consultation with one of our expert aestheticians.

What to Expect:
With the guidance of our aestheticians, this system will let you to review possibilities and decide direction of treatment.

Vectra H2 3D imaging can give you exciting possibilities of your anticipated aesthetic procedure:

  • Assessment
  • Automated measurement
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Measure volume change

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