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Keravive, a treatment for the scalp, delivered by Hydrafacial

Keravive, a Hydrafacial for the scalpKeravive is a the first of it’s kind, a Hydrafacial for the scalp. This treatment uses the patented suction technology of Hydrafacial to boost skin health and natural hair growth.

As a Black Diamond Hydrafacial provider, this treatment is available at all three of our spa locations – Fayetteville, Rogers, and Harrison.

We love Hydrafacial for the face! Now you can get a Hydrafacial for the scalp! A unique, relaxing treatment designed to cleanse, nourish, and hydrate the scalp for fuller and healthier looking hair.

Exfoliation is vitally important for your face. Your scalp needs this same attention. A lifetime of neglecting to exfoliate the skin on your scalp can squeeze the life out of hair follicles. Even when you think your scalp is clean, such as after a shower, residue from hair products and a buildup of dead skin cells can still mean lurking bacteria and dirt. This translates to poor scalp hygiene, no matter how often you wash your hair.

Hydrafacial Keravive treatments support natural hair growth with a hyper-concentrated cocktail of rejuvenating peptides.

Results are:

  • Cleaner, exfoliated, and hydrated scalp
  • Increased scalp circulation
  • Visibly improved appearance of hair – healthier, thicker, and fuller-looking

How it works:

  • Purify – Stimulates and opens hair follicles using light suction and exfoliation
  • Nourish – Infuses cleansed follicles surrounding skin with peptides, hydration, and growth factors
  • Rejuvenates – Contains Vitamin B5 and Arginine, which replenish moisture  to rejuvenate the scalp and hair

Keravive, a Hydrafacial for the scalpBy the 3rd Keravive treatment:

  • 75% saw improvements in hair fullness
  • 70% reported improvements in overall appearance of hair
  • 82% saw shinier hair

Keravive FAQs

What does it mean to have poor scalp health?

Even with all the effort we put into our skincare routines, we often forget about the skin under our hair. The scalp is its own environment, or microbiome. When not properly cleansed and nourished, it often struggles with itching, flaking, hair thinning or loss, and sometimes even complete baldness.

Do scalp issues affect both men and women?

Yes! It’s estimated that 85% of men and 50% of women experience hair loss, thinning, and poor scalp health. Factors that can play a role in this include post-partum stress, hormonal imbalances, chemical damage from hair coloring or other treatments, and build-up from styling products.

Is Keravive an invasive treatment? Does it hurt?

No, not at all. Keravive is a non-invasive, relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.Keravive, a Hydrafacial for the scalp

Is Keravive a one-time treatment?

Keravive achieves the best results when you receive a series—usually three treatments, spaced a month apart. In between treatments, your aesthetician can recommend home care to boost your benefits.

Can Keravive be paired with other treatments?

Yes! Your aesthetician can recommend other treatments to pair with Keravive to achieve the scalp and hair results you are looking to achieve in your journey of hair restoration or scalp health issues.

Nutrition is extremely important. A supplement like Nutrafol may be recommended.

In addition, we offer Keralase, a laser treatment for hair restoration. With a KeraLase Hair Restoration treatment, your clinician will first use the Lutronic Ultra Laser to optimize the absorption properties of your scalp. The unique Ultra Laser delivery system has been proven to prepare the skin for increased absorption of nanoliposomes. After the scalp is pre-conditioned with the Ultra Laser, KeraFactor® serum is topically applied to promote stronger, thicker, and fuller looking hair in both men and woman.

Keravive, a Hydrafacial for the scalp, Keravive before and afterIs Keravive designed for all scalp/hair types?

The Keravive treatment is designed for all scalp & hair types, including braids, extensions, locks, dyed hair, and more. Your provider or skincare professional may choose a specific type of treatment (partial or full scalp) to support your overall scalp and hair goals.

How long does the treatment take?

Depending on your personalized treatment experience (partial or full scalp), your Keravive treatment can vary from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

What results can I expect and when?

You’ll notice improvements in how your scalp and hair feels right away. And in studies, half of people receiving Keravive reported improvement in their hair fullness after just one treatment.

For best results, Keravive should be repeated—ideally three treatments space apart one month. In between treatments, your aesthetician can recommend home care to boost your benefits.

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