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Mini Melanage Peel to reduce hyperpigmentation

Mini Melanage Peel to reduce hyperpigmentation

Mini Melanage Peel to reduce hyperpigmentation

This lovely 50-year-old client of Alexus's wanted to reduce the appearance of sun and age spots on her face as well as see improvement in a scar and lines and wrinkles around her eyes and on her forehead.

After a thorough consultation with Alexus, a Mini Melanage Chemical Peel was selected as the initial course of treatment. The client was thrilled with her after photos – the reduction in pigmentation, the scar’s appearance, and the fine lines around her eyes and on her forehead.

A chemical peel for lightening skin pigmentation, the Mini Melanage is used to treat melasma, sunspots, and uneven skin texture. Following this peel, the skin appears more youthful, more even, and clearer, with a healthy glow. This peel is safe for all skin types.

The Treatment

There are two types of Melanage Skin Lightening Systems. Mini Melanage is a less intense version of The Melanage Skin Lightening System. You can still experience some redness and peeling, but not to the same intensity as a Melanage Peel, which is why the Melanage Mini is recommended to do in a series, spaced a month apart.

Treatment begins with the Melanage chemical mask being applied to the face. This mask is freshly made at the time of the in-office procedure and takes about thirty minutes to be compounded. Following applying the mask, clients are given strict, but simple instructions to follow at home, along with the products needed.

Depending on the skin type, the mask will remain on the face for up to ten hours and will be removed by the client at home, following the instructions sheet.

The Results

Once the treatment is complete, clients may experience skin peeling, dryness, and redness of the skin. While the symptoms are like that of a sunburn, they are not painful and will last for about a week or two. However, it is necessary to avoid the sun immediately after the process and continue using a medical grade sunscreen.

Clients will experience significant improvement in skin texture and evenness. Clients will notice a new natural radiance in their skin, reduction of fine lines, and reduction in pigmentation and skin patches.

Is the Mini Melanage Peel Right for You?

While the treatment is relatively painless and made for maximum comfort, it does cause skin sensitivity. People of any skin type and color can undergo this treatment.

If you have a severe sunburn, skin rashes, warts, dermatitis or inflammatory rosacea, or any open wounds on the face or cold sores, it is advisable not to opt for this treatment. The same goes for women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Age: Between 46 and 55 years old
  • Post-op Timeline: 1 month
  • Technique: Mini Melanage
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